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E X E C U T I V E   C H E F


My Name is Jakobi Voorheis. I am from Southeast Michigan, and I the Executive Chef of The Fed Community in Clarkston, MI.

I've been cooking for 10+ years. My background comes from working in the field, and training under some great chefs which I truly believe have shaped me into who I am as a chef today. I was fortunate enough to be exposed to different cultures as a kid living in Mexico for 5 years and constantly traveling. It was somewhere during that time I fell in love with food. I was also fortunate enough to have some great teachers and mentors in the hospitality industry along the way. It was in other kitchens and working that i was exposed to various cooking styles, techniques, and flavors. Cooking inspires me because food is one of our most basic needs,and cooking/preparing food is one of mans most primitive skills that has evolved in amazing ways as we've progressed as people. Cooking brings everyone, and everything, together, it's a universal symbol or language indicating peace, love, and prosperity. Nothing makes me happier than preparing a meal for others. 



My guilty food pleasure is pizza anytime anywhere ill smash that shit!!!!! lol 



My favorite ingredient to cook with is wine because of its range of flavor and because its not bad to drink either



H E A D  P A S T E R Y  C H E F


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G E N E R A L  M A N A G E R


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